Best Shopify App To Increase Engagement And Revenue In 2023?


Now, there is no need to look further at the best Shopify apps to increase engagement and revenue for 2023. We will tell you about the amazing apps further in this article. Let’s begin with the beginning, you already run their Shopify stores, and expectations are elevated.

However, there is no benefit if nobody buys their products, it becomes completely useless to open their stores. You are always busy posting images, creating killer content, adding new stock, and busy in making your store stunning.

So that’s the main reason you need the very best Shopify App that can help to attract customers to your online store and get the sales in. But the query is “Which Shopify App is better to increase Engagement and revenue in 2023?”

We have done a thorough investigation and analysis of some of the best Shopify apps to upsell and cross-sell your products so that our sales, leads clade apps, reviews, and customer loyalty apps, and significantly grow up your gain from email marketing apps.



Yotpo is a customer content trading program, you can give rise to and leverage review queries to build confidence, drive traffic, and photos and increase conversation.

This app authorizes considerable brands to collect consumer analysis, videos, and photos and turn that content into sales.

With its foremost characteristics, you can display grading in search engines both in an AdWords and organic way and drive traffic to your website accordingly.

Yotpo is just for you if you have no small businesses and stores just starting and Yotpo’s Forever Free Plan is only for you. It is the best app which will become a trend in the future also. We can say that Yotpo is the best Shopify app for 2023 for increased revenue and conversation.

Key features

  • Increase revenue by showcasing customer content on the spot.
  • Customizable on-site appliance.
  • Dispatch self-operating SMS, E-mail, and Review Requests.



 If we talk about Oberlo, you do not need to think about shipping and packaging anymore.

Oberlo is a dispatch application that helps you to search for trending products to add to your backlog.

It is an eCommerce platform that allows businesses to sell reports, virtual inventories, product figures and carry on bulk orders, and more.

Key features 

  • Modify your product by altering images, descriptions, and subtitles.
  • Shipment tracking.
  • Can change product distributors.  Established on the best price.
  • Reporting and Analytics.
  • Supplier Management.



Instafeed is further free of cost or a free app. You can use this application to demonstrate your Instagram content on your store to make social proof. Change your store visitors into daily customers.

At this time, Instagram is a popular application for advertisement, and it is also famous for marketing tools, by adding pictures on Instagram helps you to make awareness of your brand. You don’t need coding experience.

Key features

  • Attract more followers by connecting directly to Instagram accounts.
  • No influence on the store page, speed is guaranteed.
  • Intended with your client through Instafeed.
  • Demonstrated post in slider layout or grid.

Shop code

shop code

Our product sells faster by adding a QR code to our Shopify store, and it also increases their visibility. The more beautiful the QR code, the more eye-catching, and they are more likely to be scanned.

However, it is obligatory to join Shopcodes into your product packaging and trading material and then follow conversations and traffic through Shopify analysis.

Shop code is a Shopify QR code tool that helps you to generate Shopify QR codes. Our customers can be scanned using their phones and devices and then purchase your item. And this way we make revenue.

Key features 

  • Create quick edits for your shop codes through the help of a control panel.
  • We can also track the number who scan your code with the help of this tool.
  • Make a strong Shop code for any products through the app dashboard or the app action in Shopify.
  • We can also download SVG files for web and PNG and print use.



FAM is also a Shopify app, another amazing app that is built by Sumo you can find. The main aim of making this application is to replace the email marketing team for the Shopify business.

Its main feature is data withdrawal from your peculiar Shopify store and Instagram. It brings out all the product photos, brand colors, the font on the site, and the logo.

Data pulling is helpful in auto-generating the high-converting email with only a single click.

Key features 

  • The app automatically generates the content of emails for Shopify stores with only a single press.
  • Pull out the information from a million emails to get the best and the most effective subject line, images, and different layouts for your online store.
  • Schedule the email to be completed automatically and forward it to the right persons at the correct time.

Installation is all free, and some percent charges imposed on the revenue give rise to emails sent by FAM.

AVA Trust Badges

AVA Trust Badges

AVA Trust Badge is a free Shopify application that permits eCommerce stores to make Trust Badge-certified, icons, and images with many ready-to-utilize templates to encourage customers’ Trust. 

This app is very easy to use due to its advanced characters, and merchants reduce their threat about payment security and make it easier for users to place orders.

Shopify Trust App is one of the better remedies to boost your conversation and store sales by promoting customer loyalty and trust.

Key features 

  • Don’t show the Dynamic checkout button.
  • Prepared to use templates.
  • Several Trust Badges.
  • Adherent Add-to-Cart.
  • Content safety.



It is the all-in-one automated platform and email marketing entrepreneurs use to methodize marketing workflow and enhance their stores.

By using this app, you can make a flawless email marketing master plan and bring out more orders than email alone with automation welcome and re-engagement emails and abandoned carts.

Key features 

  • Proficient insights and recommendations.
  • Created-in product recommendations
  • Growth-focused outline and investigative. 
  • Flexible arrangement and AI-generated fashion. 
  • Advanced in personalization and segments.

Some tips to browse your best Shopify apps to increase sales

All the applications which are recommended above are highly rated by Shopify customers.

Nonetheless, the only Shopify apps are the ones that help your business to go up in reality. All of the above apps help to boost engagement and revenue. 

There are some newbie tips that help to increase their sales.

  • Check your app one by one and analyze the key statistics before and after using the app.
  • Take great advantage of supporting groups.
  • Must be sure all the applications are well unified.
  • Don’t use many apps which may slow down your store.

So these are the suggestions that make your business high.

By Kathy James