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10 Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online For Free 2022!

Want to be aware of where you can watch TV episodes online for free in 2022? If the reply is yes, then it is the best place to come. On this day, I am going to tell you 10 amazing sites to watch TV shows (episodes) ⁶online for free live or recorded episodes.

You should be aware to visit any streaming platform.

Attention user: Must be read before visiting any streaming platform.

Many free streaming sites are full of advertisements and pop-ups. Some illegal sites put you in danger.

Without you knowing that some sites are working in your phone background it can cause some problems, like stealing your informative data like your bank account information, your personal information, and also your password. It may even track your current activity.

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10 sites to watch TV shows online for free


YouTube is a famous site all over the world. It provides entertaining content without any subscription. On YouTube, you can watch any informative content. More than 1 billion of the audience go to YouTube and watch more than 1 billion content daily. You can also watch full episodes of several shows like The Actress, Lemmings, The Outs, and many more. 

You can also watch classic shows like Mr. Bean are well-stocked on YouTube.

If you like to watch web series like YouTube Host you can find the best on YouTube. Many of the shows are subtitles.

But the shows on YouTube are not well organized. That means you must have in your mind the TV show you are searching for.


2. TV Muse

If you want to download any TV series, the TV Muse is one of the best options. This streaming site provides you with download features and allows you to save videos on your device for viewing. TV Muse is a popular site for free TV shows. Presently this site is up and gives a streaming link.

There are no pop-up ads on this site. You can enjoy adding free shows without any disturbance. It has unique features such as a Calendar and TV Schedule.

This feature helps you prepare for TV series and movies on a date. This site has a good collection of movies. You can make requests for any TV serial or movie which you want the streaming site to make available.



Soap2day is the brilliant and largest free source of TV shows on the web. The TV series s updated on time on this site. You did not wait many days to update TV shows. It has an impressive list of TV shows due to it being one of the most popular sites.

It also has many movies and sports content. This site is well-updated because it provides all the shows on time. You can catch all the blockbuster releases on time at this site.

Soap2day has a collection of several official domains. They are all listed on the website. Now you can choose whichever you search for the fastest one. This site is very user-friendly. You can also report any added violence, uncomfortable visuals, and porn.


4. Popcorn Time

It is an open-source BitTorrent project integrated media player. Popcorn Time is the best way to watch any media player. Popcorn Time works for free,   and it is an alternative to some streaming sites like Netflix.

Popcorn Time offers services like TV shows, anime, movies, and cartoons. There is a massive collection of this on Popcorn Time. It provides you with high-quality links in full HD. It is very easy to use, and it is a very clean and proper design site.

Furthermore, it doesn’t take a long time to use, but the issue arises when you are ready to stream. While using the app some knowledge must be required to use the app.


5. Look Movie

You may be worried by looking at the name but don’t worry, this streaming site has a vast variety of TV shows, which are available online for free.

The content is updated daily on this site with the many popular and latest TV shows, films, etc. The categories that are uploaded on this site are action, horror, adventure, comedy, crime, drama, and many more.

This site gives a filter feature which is an effective tool for sorting. With the help of this tool, you can also sort through years, genres, and ratings between the oldest and newest listed first.

Their quality is very good.


6. Noxx

Up next is Noxx, which is a popular site. It is an A to Z movie streaming site. Noxx provides free television shows online, and it has HD quality, but that is not the end of no qualities.

You will notice about the no that it is a sophisticated design and set in dark mode. This site has no unnecessary buttons or text, and it is easy to use. It is clean and simple.

You will not find any large library of content. The library of TV shows has been updated on time. It provides content shortly after it is aired.

Still, there is one more feature like Continue Watching. Every series has a user rating. You can also see the trailer if you are interested in streaming.


7. Watch Series HD

As the name suggests, Watch Series HD is a popular site to watch online shows for free. Apart from shows, you can also entertain yourself by watching stream HD movies, Korean drama series, and anime.

Every episode comes on-site with a different variety of links and sources.

It means there is much less chance that you skip any episodes due to content not being available. This site is a very great site to watch shows for free.

One of the best things about this site is, there is no need to sign up to watch any shows. The website has a variety of collections of content.


8. Yidio

Yidio stands out from the other online service on this list. Most of the other free websites aggregate links to movies, and TV series. Yidio is a dream for cord-cutting users.

You do not need to sign up for the use of this website. In this, you can simply open the website and can easily find what you want to watch for free. The one exception is that TV series and movies are only for mature audiences.

Not all the content is free for the watch. But still, many contents are free. On this site, you can also filter TV series such as HBO GO, Disney Channel, and more.


9. Crackle

You may be heard about crackle it is also the best site for an online watch for free. On this site, you find the best quality and HD content. There are many countries including Canada, Australia, and the US in which Crackle is used.

This site provides three contrasting languages, Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Crackle is popular for TV series and movies. However, more and more TV series and movies are added to this site day by day.

When it was owned by the media giant, Sony Pictures this streaming site is hugely popular. For soul entertainment, Sony has sold the company to chicken soup.


10. Couchtuner

There is no need to find a movie title on this website because it is all about the TV series. It is the best option for watching online for free, it offers amazing features which may be enjoyable for audiences or users.

And one better thing is there is add free. That means you take more benefits from this site because its works without interrupting the movies etc.

With the help of links, you can join a telegram group where it’s massive for users to discuss and request TV shows and episodes.



Can free TV Streaming Websites be legal?

Many of the sites are legal. But in this article all sites are legal. By using these you did not circumvent any copyright law. These all sites are completely legal. Example crackle, Yidio.

Are free TV streaming websites safe?

The legal sites are safe. Above all sites are legal, so there is no threat to steal any informative data from your device. To give more safety to your device users must use a VPN service. But still for more safety VPN should be used for legal sites.

Wrapping Up

So these are some sites that offer you to watch TV shows online for free. Many of the sites give you enjoyment with the help of different content like horror movies, serials, web series, etc. These sites provide you with a spectrum of TV shows for free. These sites are legal. Now you can take benefit from these websites and entertainment yourself.