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Difference Between Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords in SEO

To rank any website on the first page of Google, we need SEO, and keywords play an important role in a successful SEO strategy. When we effectively use keywords in our website content, search engines help our web pages rank higher in Google results and drive organic traffic to our website.

Therefore, it is also very important to do keyword research to adopt the right SEO strategy. Often people get confused between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords and are not able to do keyword research properly.

Therefore, through this article today, we are going to tell you the Difference Between Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords so that you can understand the difference between them and do keyword research correctly.

What are Short Tail Keywords?

Short tail keywords are also known as head terms and Seed Keywords. It consists of only 1 to 3 words and covers a broad topic. Examples of some Short-tail keywords are roller coaster park, designer handbags, cake, etc.

Short tail keywords often bring high search volume for people, due to which people often search their query by short tail keywords. Short-tail keywords have high search volume and a website can also get high organic traffic through short-tail keywords.

Even though seed keywords get more traffic, any website gets low conversion rates and high bouncers through it. Because short tail keywords are a common search, on which content is created by almost many people. It means that short-tail keywords are very competitive and make it more difficult to rank our site on Google pages.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords have more words than short-tail keywords. That means any number of words more than 3 can be included in long-tail keywords. Some examples of long tail keywords are as follows – Which laptop is best for office work, how to use On-Page SEO on a Website Etc.

We can also call the long tail keyword a targeted keyword. Long-tail keywords have higher search volume because long-tail keywords are more specific and less popular than short-tail keywords.

If you use long-tail keywords in your website, then more organic traffic can come to your website, and the bounce rate of your website will also be very low. Because long-tail keywords provide more details related to the keyword to the search engine, through that the search engine provides an opportunity to rank your website on the google 1st page.

Difference Between Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords

Short Tail vs Long Tail Keyword
Search Volume Short Tail keyword has High Search volume which is very good for website. Long Tail Keywords has very low search volume which is not good.
Competition With short tail keywords we face high competition in the SERP With Long tail keywords we face Low competition in the SERP. It is good for any website.
Search Term Short tail has Generic Search Term Long tail has Specific Search term. It is Very good for Website.
Conversion Rate Short Tail Keywords have low Conversion Rate. Long Tail Keywords have a High Conversion Rate. It is Very good for Website.


In today’s article, we have explained the difference between short-tail and long-tail keywords in detail. By reading this article, you will be able to know that long oil keywords are better for our website, although it does not provide us much search volume, based on other things, the long tail keyword is considered the best.