draw a Grim Reaper

How to draw a Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is a famous figure you would not like to find in real life! This skeletal figure appears in some myths and cultures worldwide and would be a gate of death and unhappiness. He can be a destination collaborator, but he has a cool drawing! We will learn to draw a reaper. It is a very cool interpretation of this famous figure we have for you to draw, and we hope to show how it is!

So let’s start this step-by-step guide on how to draw a reaper! You will surely want to see this one to the end. You can draw many more characters like a bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing, and many more cool drawings easily.

Drawing a Grim Reaper

Step 1:

Let’s draw a stylized view of this famous character in this guide on how to draw a reaper! This great drawing features a simultaneously scary and cute character, and we will start with the head of the skeleton in this first step. First, we will draw two large black forms rounded into orbits. These will be large enough to create a certain personality for this Grim Reaper.

Then we will create “eyebrows” above the eyes using curved lines. Then some rounded lines will be used to the top of the skull, and we will add under the eyes to the cheekbones. When everyone is drawn, we will go to the next step!

Step 2:

This second step in its reaper drawing will focus on the bottom half of the head. For the nose cavity, we will use two thick black lines that connect to form a kind of heart shapes downward. Then you can draw the top of the mouth and use more curved lines to the bottom of the jaw. Finish by adding some lines to the teeth and a rounded black pan to the space between the jaw.

Step 3:

The reaper is famous for its black hood; we will add this to this third stage of the guide. We will use curved lines for the hood around the face. Then we will use more curved and rounded lines to draw the outer contour of the hood. A thin part will descend in the back, as indicated in the reference image.

Step 4:

Another thing for which the reaper is well known is the false signature that he carries with him. Let’s add it with your arms to this stage of our guide on how to draw a reaper! First, use curved lines for the shoulders and sleeves of the coat. Draw the small hand so that we will draw fate.

The handle is drawn using simple straight lines, and you can use more curved lines for the curved blade of the fate. This drawing is so cool, and we will add more of your coat to the next stage!

Step 5:

We will create a nice effect on his coat in this next step. First, draw two slightly curved lines descending from the arms to the sides of the coat. Then we will use curly lines at the base of these lines to generate the end of the coat and on shakes. It creates a really interesting and cool look, as you can see! Then we will end with some final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 6:

It is almost at the time for the last step of this guide on how to draw a reaper, but we will first finish the contours of this drawing. The main aspect will be to draw the rest of the base of your cover. It will fill the space between the curly pieces you have just drawn and be designed with square, angular shapes.

You can end by adding straight lines to the fake blade to make it more reflective. Once these details are added, you can add some of yours! It could be fun to draw a frightening background for this reaper, and if you had to do so, what parameters can you think of?

Now we are ready to finish this dark reaper drawing with a certain color! In our example image, we use various shades of black and black so that the coat gives you a darker look. Then we use light gray for the skull, darker for the blade, then brown for the false strap. It’s a matter of expressing your creativity, so let your creativity flow and see how it will happen!

Give your reaper drawing a better perspective!

Bring this drawing to life while we show 5 ways to make it even better! The first suggestion we have to improve your grim reaper sketch is adding a background. He is a very scary character, so adding an equally scary background can be a great way to make this image still cool.

You can draw it in an enhanced cemetery or perhaps in a mausoleum. Which other parameters could you put this type of? We have added many lines to the dress that are the grim reaper size, and it helps to see that everything is wrinkled and folded.

It can make it harder, and some people may prefer something other than the image that also seems busy.

If you fit one or another of these categories, you can exclude some retail lines for a simpler but always cool image! Previously, we discussed excluding certain details of this Grim Reaper drawing, but we will suggest the opposite!

Instead of removing the details, you can add more to your coat, your skull, a false background, or behind it. It all depends on you to decide what you want to see! The reaper is famous for dealing with its false, which we represent in this image. 

You can also show it with other accessories or put it with other scary characters in your drawing. It is where you can be creative because there are many fun and additional details you can find. You may think that it is quite limited with this drawing of a reaper with colors because it is known for its black coat.

Even if you follow this black palette, you can create variations with different brackets or subtle color details. For example, you can use light brown near the base of the coat to make it a little muddy!

Your Grim Reaper Drawing is complete!

You finished the 7 steps of this guide on how to draw a reaper! This character may be scary, but we intend to ensure there are no scary surprises in the store throughout this guide. We hope you had a fun and fun experience! If you have fun creating this drawing, you will find many more impressive drawing guides to enjoy on our site.

There are guides to adapt to all tastes and skill levels, so keep checking and never lose! It would be fun to see how your Grim Reaper drawing is over, and you can let us see sharing it with our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can barely wait to see how great!