Boost Your Blog Traffic

9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic through social media

Whenever we start our new blog, we often face a lot of difficulties in increasing the traffic to it. But many digital marketers say that we can increase traffic through social media in our new blog. 

Many people have increased the traffic of their new blog through social media so their blog has flourished very effectively.

Through today’s article, we will give you information about the Top 9 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic through social media, so that you can increase the traffic of your website. 

Along with this, we will share with you some ideas and tips, which will help you to increase your blog traffic

How to Increase Blog Traffic through social media

Many bloggers want to know how to get traffic to your blog so, Here we are sharing some tips to boost traffic through social media. 

  1. Choose the Right Social Media Platform

First  of all, choose a good social media platform for your blog. You can choose some popular social media platforms, but you can also choose a platform that is not very popular. Like – Pinterest, Instagram etc. 

If you want to choose the right social media platform to drive traffic to your blog, then you will need some research for this. By doing this research, you can find out which type of social media your readers are more active on.

2. Increase Reach and Engagement

You have to increase your reach and engagement on any social media platform. For this, you can share different types of content on that social media platform.

Also, whatever topic you are working on, you can post different types of new information related to that topic on social media platforms. So that people will connect with you and like to read the content posted on your blog.

  1. Improve Your Profile

Some social platforms see the profile of the person before approving the link of any website, so the more specific your bio is, the more people’s attention will be attracted to you and people will like to read your blog. 

You should not write the story of your entire business in your profile, only write two lines related to your website in your bio. With this, attach a link to your website in your bio. Because often people do not like to read a long story, so you should clearly describe your blog in short form.

  1. Article Continuously Share on Social Media Platforms

Whatever social media platforms you are using for promoting your blog, share at least two posts daily on that platform. If you share your posts regularly, then your website will always be visible to the people and the visibility of your blog will increase, in this way the traffic of your blog will increase easily.

Share post more than once

You can share some of your posts more than once on all social media. Here are some ways to share a post more than once –

  • You make some new changes to your old post and then share that post again on social networks.
  • You can identify some of your popular posts with the help of Google Analytics, which people are liking to read more and you can share that post again on those networks.
  • Many times, it happens that you have already posted some topics in your blog but they come on trending after some time then you can share such posts again on your social account.
  1. Join groups on social media

You join some groups on social media which are related to your topic. Along with sharing the link of your post, also share some different photos and important information, through which people can also get information about your website. 

  1. Use other tools to promote your Blog

You can use some websites to share your content on social media, which allows you to share Blogs on all your social media platforms at once.

  1. Review you Posts

You check and review the frequency of all your social media posts. Through reviews, you will be able to increase traffic to your blog even more.

  1. Understand the algorithm of social networks

Also, you understand the algorithm of social media and how it works. And how can you use the algorithm to drive people to your website.

  1. Post other Images on social platforms

If you are not able to share the content of your blog on social platforms someday, then try to share any more information or pictures related to the topic of your blog.


In today’s article, we have given you information about the Top 9 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic through social media, hopefully by using the methods given in this article, you will be able to increase your blog traffic. If you want to know how to get traffic on your blog? So, use these methods.