exercise is important

Why exercise is important: top 10 benefits

Do you feel low the entire day? Is it hard for you to concentrate on your daily tasks? Is sound sleep a dream to you? If for all these questions, you have a “yes”, this means you are not sufficiently physically active. All you need is a good routine of exercising. 

If you need to know why exercise is important for you, go through these points that cover the top 10 benefits of exercise.

Exercise improves sleep quality

Good exercise causes loss of energy, and the body has to gain back. To gain that energy back, the body craves sound sleep. Moreover, sufficiently vigorous activity creates a rise in body temperature that promotes better sleep. 

Exercise reduces the risk of diseases

All the factors that lead to diseases, especially chronic ones, get controlled by regular physical activity. The sweating that occurs during exercise keeps the body healthy. Metabolism is fastened, helping in the detoxification going on in the body.

Exercise is good for the skin

Having beautiful and clear skin is the dream of every individual. Who doesn’t want to look attractive and charming? The skin has an important role to play in the beauty of a person. 

Researchers have proven that moderate exercise helps in the production of antioxidants. These antioxidants repair the damaged cells and give glowing skin. So if you want a pretty glow on your face, what are you waiting for? plan your exercise routine today 

Exercise keeps you active

Exercise does a miracle for people who feel fatigued and lethargic for no reason. We all know the benefits of exercises regarding lung and heart health, and the health of these two organs ensures a rise in energy levels. 

Exercise promotes the apt blood flow, keeps blood pressure within normal limits, and hence keeps the individual active and energetic.

Exercise lifts your mood

Have you ever thought about why there is so much depression in the world today? Why is the suicide rate so high? Why are people suffering from chronic headaches? Yes! Our sedentary lifestyle has made us prone to all of these problems. People who spend their entire day sitting on a chair in an office are quite vulnerable to depression and mental issues.

Exercise makes the brain cells more sensitive to serotonin and norepinephrine, both of these keep our moods elevated.

Exercise helps in maintaining weight 

Exercise helps in digestion and keeps our metabolism at an adequate pace. This does not allow fats to accumulate and keeps the body in proper shape. 

If you look ten years older than your actual age due to obesity, exercise probably is the only savior for you. Combined with an adequate diet, exercise does magic in weight loss.

Exercise strengthens bones 

Exercise actually strengthens your bones by increasing bone density. Later in life when the bones go through the process of osteoporosis, this bone density helps keep bones from decay. Adequate exercise not only helps in bone growth but keeps the muscles healthy too. 

According to research done on the population of the UK, regular exercise reduces the risk of hip fractures by 68 percent.

Exercise boosts your memory

Exercise is a magical instrument used to keep the machine of the brain working efficiently. Depression and tension actually are responsible for the destruction of brain cells and for the deterioration of mental health. 

It has been discussed earlier that exercise keeps the body away from depression and keeps a person happy, thus putting a positive impact on the mind. It not only enables the mind to make sane decisions but also sharpens memory.

Exercise is good for heart health 

Cases of heart attacks and cardiac arrest are increasing day by day and this rise is proof of the fact that we are leading a desk-bound life. Our sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of the intense rise in the number of cardiovascular patients. 

Exercise is often used as a therapy for cardiovascular patients and it has proved to be a very effective one.

Exercise is fun

Exercise is actually a booster dose for human beings. It is a physical game that not only keeps the body healthy but also proves to be a secret of happiness. So we should not think twice before playing this healthy game, should we?

Bottom line 

It is the need of the hour that now we should realize that our inactive lifestyle is taking us nowhere, it is actually giving us mental problems i.e. depression as well as physical problems i.e. heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. according to research our dormant type lifestyle leads to diseases and premature deaths.

Hence without further ado, make a proper routine of regular exercise and see your body thanking you!